Making the Movement Move

Medicine for the People is a third year non-profit organization working with every kind of community imaginable to rekindle old traditions and spark the fire within the youth and elders to live their truths; to use your personal medicine and heal the wounds around us.

A community experience. Spirited thump-hop storytelling. Earth-based-spirit-inspired. Working for social and environmental justice. Musical medicine. Our band tours and performs at benefits to support causes for other non-profits aligned with a similar vision. Please contact us if you have an event that we might be able to help get moving with our music! Be a part of the global movement. We will activate our audience towards positive direct acti1on; a selfless tribe, caretakers of the land, walking in a sacred manner.

Live by example. Live your truth. Sing loud. Be heard.

Nahko Parayno

On the tip, is Oregon native Nahkohe Parayno. A sixth generation Apache/Mohawk this medicinal troubador( his Cheyenne name given to him by his grandmother) didn’t grow up on his native land, with his Puerto Rican/Indian mother, or Filipino father.

Born, raised, and blessed in the suburbs by his adopted family, Nahko found roots in music and throughout his teens taught piano lessons and directed musical productions for local high schools. His talent on the keys eventually got him signed to a seasonal production in Denali, Alaska and there, he praises, in the granduer and majesty of the wilderness is where he began to discover his truth.

Activating his audience with stories of a humbled walk upon this precious earth, Nahko’s ability to criss cross generational wisdom and inspire in the struggle of classism, racisim, Indigenous rights in Native America and abroad, environmental justice – sparking a fire of ambition to live the change and shift with the Aina for a more sacred walk with Spirit.

Currently on a medicine music tour (for the rest of his life), Nahko calls the Big Island of Hawaii home. There he works and lives on his brother’s off the grid farm up the Hamakua coast. Cleverly weaving old traditions with modern day paridigmn conditions – Medicine for the People focuses on ‘real talk’ lyrically based music – dubbed as “spirited thump-hop storytelling” – promoting sustainability, green energy, and healthy living through music.

Bailey Scott

Bailey Scott brings high energy stage presence, and inspiring visual aids of dance. Story telling by interpretive dance with the music to offer a kinetic venue of lyrical understanding. A trained gymnast, acrobat and ariel dancer born and raised on the farm in Minnesota. A singer/songwriter herself, she adds vocals, hand percussion, and descriptive movements to the band.

Being raised in the heart of conventional agriculture she understands the destruction that the current methods of farming are doing to the land. One of her main focuses through Medicine for the People is bringing awareness to the environmental issues facing our Mother Earth, and the need to shift to a balanced respectful approach to the land and it’s species. Promoting simple sustainable living through her work she is determined to spread inspiration to all, to heal individually resulting in a collective movement for a hopeful future!

Max Ribner

The Jazz fusion and funk in MFTP is brought by Connecticut native and Berklee School of Music graduate Max Ribner. His ingenious, creative, and tasteful flugle horn lines draw listeners of all ages near and his sparkling eyes catch everyone’s attention. His raw food diet has become a traditional talking point at MFTP shows and his love for simplistic living continues to show even in his music. Max collaborates with many musicians in Portland and is making quite a name for himself in various communities in the NW.

Hope Medford

The tribal and traditional sound comes from percussionist, Kentucky raised, and Portland based, J.J. Hope Medford. You’ll never meet a woman who can play the bass cajon or djembe like Ms. Medford. She has studied internationally- in West Africa, Peru (the home of the cajon drum), and Brazil and continues to be inspired by multicultural rhythms. J.J. has been hand drumming for over a decade and has been blessed with taking workshops from such masters as Babatunde Olatunje, Thione Diop, Carolyn Brandy, Antonino Balaskas, Fomodou Konote, and Mamady Keita.

Drumming is a spiritual path and the rhythm unites us all through the heartbeat. Hope brings high energy and driving beats through the bass cajon box drum and her off-stage vibrations. Hope has created environments for others to experience the power of hearing their own voice on the drum, she has co-facilitated drum circles in schools, libraries, and community centers for over 2,500 participants and youth in the Portland area. She is also an artist, a painter, community activist, certified in permaculture design, co-founder of Tryon Life Community Farm sustainability education center, a drum instructor, birth assistant, and midwife. She has been playing with Medicine for the People for almost a year, and has enjoyed all of it!

Don Corey

Don Corey Berklee school of Music grad lays down the bass line with stand up bass and electric bass.  Based in Portland with his family Dunnell and new daughter Grace Moon, he stays busy with teaching music lessons and collaborating with other bands.  Don brings a great presence on and off the stage with his love for music and unique sense of style.


2 Responses to People

  1. UBR DANK says:


  2. Sophie Boyer says:

    I Love you ! Mahalo ! I was last night at Uncle Robert’s, you are so inspiring ! Definitively fan of you ! Wonderful message trough your words, music, amazing presence, alive, playful, joyful !
    Wo !
    Have you ever swim with dolphins ? same energy…

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