Remove the Obsticales.

I saw an elephant in the sky.
Pushed a mudra to my third eye.
Laughed until I cried.
Tap heart and forehead to get a recharge.
Purge with my village.
Shake to confuse the spirit.
Dance to unwind.
Scream to release.

And now, I’ll never be the same.
Speeding down chaos streets.
Explosive canons barrelling smoke burning demon figures in rice fields.
Plaster – fabric – plastic smoke fills lungs and mush stomach.
Wild packs of dog things with gamalong children stacked between bamboo gridlock charging spirit of all we fear down exstatic dark streets.

I am transformer sweating puddles crying in massive stacked crowd of villagers.
Cheering.  Laughing.  Smiling.
I am transformer marching into meditation waterfall tears fill parade streets covered in flowers and inscence.
I am young bull rude boy marching away in black boots to empty lot and volleball net to purge my demons out.
Initiate the devil within.
Skulls of my ancestors twinkle in waning clouds and I hear:
“There’s a demon in that dragon burn it out.”
Ah hahahaha.  Ulp.  Here it comes.
Before me.  Below me.
All that I had felt twisting and kicking within me.
Cleansing my indifference and impatience
and visions of beautifully executed massacre.

Nyepi 2012.
What did you wear?  Did you design it?
One of dem dea hippie circle thang hedrone thingy dreadamajigga.
It’s in my new summer line.
mmmmm sacred.

The new year is here.
The dark spirits have passed over the island and seen us meditating.
Shut down the airports, park all the cars and bikes, shut down all the business.
Stay inside with your thoughts and your pen and paper.
Stay in with your mentors – coyotes, dragons, lizards, bears, wolves, rabbits, and winged ones.


And you will never be the same.
I will take my chances and realize many dreams.

Bali is exponential.
All things go.  All things build.  Unending colliding with future unfoldings.
Played our first show last week.
A cyclone/tornado touched down in the middle of our offering!
We’ve all been exploding with tears and joyful noises.
The connections and little omens each day are too many to count.
We are well on our way to an international audience.
Spirit festival is coming this week.
Moving swiftly through March already and into April before you know it.
I will miss the cultural wizardry, motorcycles, brown people, jungles, and ceremony.
But, by May I will be very ready to return to Hilo.

I want to take this moment to thank you, HAWAII.
You have made it possible for all things to move so swiftly.
Our dedicated family on the Big Island has moved me 100 times over.
Don’t ever forget that!
Unending gratitude.
What an adventure it has been in the last 5 years in Hilo!
And, we will not forget to come back, always, and continue to be with our family there and share our gifts and receive the love.
Make it mooooove.
Missing you all out here.

Lots of shifts going on with Medicine.
Some of you may have noticed the name change to:
Nahko and Medicine for the People.
To be clear:  this helps in a huge way for our bands clarity.
Many fans and bookers have been confused in the past about who they’re getting to see for certain shows in different parts of the world.
Is it Max, Hope, Jeanna, Tim, Don, Aliina, and Nahko?
Or a common derivative that comes along with Nahko’s usual moving around?
Our old model of building was the survival model.
It is a wise move for us now to make big changes to support the needs of the members in the band.
What can you afford?
Numbers and money and these things have long been the last on our to do list.
Although, now that we’re moving into a new space of business and the rise of our movement is being seen more – there are ways to less complicate our previous financial model and name and make it easier for everyone to get what they need and are looking for.
Some will follow and understand.  Others will see it in another way.
Consider Franti and Spearhead’s model.
It’s been tough breaking this one in since we’re all new at it and it DOES have to do with money and people’s feelings – but I think over time you’ll see Medicine members flow in and out based on when they feel like they can get what they need for shows – to make a living and not lose money on the venture.
You can count on me to always try my best to get the immediate Medicine members to our shows when finances make it possible.
You will see new members come – new sounds arrive – but, the orginal Medicine crew will always be first draft picks.
They are the ones that have help build and create the real magic.  And we will continue to do it together as often as spirit allows.


Check out our new web page!

This summer you can find us at:
Project Earth – June 21st Minnesota
LoveFest – June 28th Omaha, NE
GratefulFest – July 4th Ohio
Homeskillet – July 13th – Sitka, AK

Come late July – PORTLAND can expect a homecoming show with
Dustin Thomas, Worth, and maybe the Shook Twins!

Come August I will begin working on the new album.   Finally.   In Portland!

More to come.
Stay tuned!

Love you all.
Thanks for reading.
It helps to write to my people!


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Aquarious Moon

coyote says:  don’t cut a rope you can untie.
elders say:  you’re in warrior stage.  you’re supposed to be pissed. 
mom says: baby, keep your dick in your pants. 
spirit says:  you are no master.  you know nothing.

i could feel 2012 was gonna be amazing. 

Oh Oh Oh Aquarious Moon…you have proven nothing less then ground breaking. 
Oh Oh Oh my dear community…you have proven nothing less then motivating…inspiring. 

“Dark as the Night – Bringing the Light”…..
It was a sweet idea at first.  A truth that we all felt embodied our combined purposes. 
We fulfilled its meaning day to day – via showing up and shining bright. 
Remembering it only possible thanks to all of our Ohana that showed up continually—show after show.
We grew closer with a new crew of Medicine tribe. 
Dustin Thomas grew to almost household name. 
‘Pinkie’s’ – to our close friends – became known as the ‘Medicine’ house…clamoring into history and in conjunction with our evolutionary revolution trajectory – colliding with righteousness and faceplanting deep aqua blue. 
Each day was:  todos los negros to mamos cafe = sharkie’s coffee, surf = honolii and the mill, music, promotions = facefuck, adventure, music, tumeric, ginger, juicer, beer, music, sunset surf, more promotions, banyan tree, push-ups, girl talk, spliff, kurk-music lullabys, art nights, whiskey nights, pass out stories, more music, more tumeric and ginger, dawn patrol anything…

Hilo taught me a lot this year. 
I gave less.  Took more of my time.
Lost a lot.  Gained a lot. 
Pele has been ruthless. 
And yet, so forgiving to her son.

Oh, the Pink House.  Across from 7/11 on Wainuenue.  Just below Rainbow falls.
Just below the giant banyon tree.  The one that has taught us all many different lessons.
Our long term residents …. Mr. Chris, Chase Makai, Frenchy, Lucas, Dustin, Hope, and special guests Sleepy, River and Rain, etc. etc. etc….shaping our Hilo wave riding. 

Oh, Hilo.  You’re yellow light and wet smell now that it has finally realized it’s winter…thank you. 
You have calmed my persistence and beckoned yet another serious transition – powered by music and fueled by ambition. 
We are not fucking around.

Jojo came for a few weeks.
The try-on-a-sore-us-thang-a-ma-jig-channeling-coyote-dread-guy.
My 26th birthday was beyond incredible.
25 was so intense.  More change then I thought I was even ready for.
But, that’s the best….when you think you’re not ready and you’re given a whole fucking plate…eat it all.  Or nothing at all.
Uncle Roberts opened his door to our crew and extended family. 
We celebrated Aquarious like we only knew how. 
Cake to face.  Feet to Aina.  Dance off. 
I believe in the good things coming.
Honored when 500 people showed up to get down with me on my day of birth.

Jojo got us all to journey to our first rainbow gathering.
I was skeptical. 
I’ve been on a trip about color and class.
I have a unique placement here on earth.
Raised priviledged white boy. 
 Born into an  oppressed indigenous community
– systematic deconstuction…y’know..what we call racism. 
Jojo helps me see the need for compassion. 
The lost kids are so lost and sick.
The revolution is very much in need of compassion.
And I have had very little of it.
Part of my Medicine has been holding onto the bitterness.
The anger.  The hatred.  The racism.  The hostility. 
I hide it underneath all the joy, love, light, and postivity. 
I know in my heart the latter is what I ultimately want to reflect.
But, lately knowing the truth and owning my Dark is something I cannot suppress any longer.
In fact, it’s something I revel in now.
Something I find humor and comfort in talking about.
The parts of life I am owning are parts that night everyone is comfortable talking about or listening to. 
And that’s ok.  I will.  I don’t mind if you don’t listen to it.
This is a story I have to tell.
Another interesting thing I learned over the Rainbow two day LSD journey:
I have to let these songs go. 
They are not mine.
I have been, as of late, very selfish with my toungue.
‘These are MY songs…not yours….MY story..”
In some senses, yes this is true. 
But, spirit has used me as its channel. 
I have to release the stories and songs to be YOURS.
That’s when I will find peace.

We headed north afta rainbow gadda-ingz.
To our beloved HIP Agggg.
Camped 15 deep in Pololu over the weekend.
Easy balance of masculine and feminine. 
Surf was wild.  Hikes were gigantic.  Laughs were ridiculous.
Cows were weird looking.  Valley held ancient army tanks rusted into the shore. 
Fire was huge.  Hearts were aflame.  Downloads were effortless.
We were nurtured that night. 
All things wrapped in red Indian blankets and in warmth of jungle love. 

Ginger.  Tumeric.  Ginger.  Tumeric.  Ginger.  Tumeric.

On to Kona.  Waldorf wizardry.
Played a benefit for da kine SKOOL at the beach resort.
Relationships deepen.  Skool becomes even more of a heart of us. 
Avocado festival.  Humidity at Outrigger.
Watch one young woman in tears thru “Risk It”…
I talk to her with my eyes and say…”Yeah…it’s gonna be ok..and so amazing.”
Head north east to Honoka’a in a rainstorm.
The People’s theater and Leche de Tigre greet us with beers and warmth. 
Hamakua winds blow and Alicia Keys plays in my head. 
Little black truck chugs into park.  Little black dog pants into bliss.
Little brown boy and girl arrive for nothing less then perfect timing. 
Theater packs out with new and old ohana. 
Blast off means one of the best shows in awhile on island…great collaborations. 
Pauilo camp.  Thunder beings present and SO loud I could not sleep.
Here’s the rain we usually have.  Here’s the winter swell we’ve been waiting for.

Lono brings meditation. 
Lono brings solace.
Lono brings new moon.

Small tasks.   Wrapping up Hilo ties and loose ends.
Bali calling.  Spiritual journey unlike any other I have taken.
Pink house bittersweet days.  Koda bittersweet days.
Medicine posse bittersweet. 
It’s like we all went thru a very important time and are now moving on…
It will never be the same…like usual.
Check in with your elders before departure.  
Words for path and phase.

This weekend: 
Friday, 24th of Feb:  w/Sea at Last
Hilo Town Tavern  $5

Saturday, 25th of Feb:  w/ Sea at Last, Dustin Thomas, Blue Star Octave, SaraTone
Akebono Theater in Pahoa

Monday, 27th of Feb:  w/Dustin and SaraTone
Bayfront Kava – Benefit for Dominik’s Parents – they are both sick with ratlung! 
Prayers and donations please!


I know…our shit has definitely not been very accessible via our old site..
We’re about to become easier to follow.
This year looks pretty amazing already.
You can follow us on this blog thru Bali. 
Video, picture, audio, and blog entries will keep you all in the loop of our movement.
As spring approaches, be on the look out for Hawaii shows in May and June.
End of June is Portland, so watch out for a homecoming show PDX OHANA.
Then summer solstice will be in Minnesota again with our MidWest fam at Project Earth
Hosted by Wookiefoot….we’ll be there with Dustin Thomas!
Back to Portland for Oregon Country Fair in July…
Hope and I will charge up north to Sitka, Alaska for Homeskillet Music Fest July 13th and 14th!
Then it’s straight NW or August. 
My dream this year is to record two albums:  A medicine album that’s revolutionary and hard-hitting…then a Nahko album that’s all the old stories….
Then drive to South America. 

It all can be done.

Love you all. 
Dream Big.


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“Medicine” 2012 Big Island Tour – HALF WAY THERE!


Gotta say. 

I’m a little blown away at 2012 already.
I went to Portland for the holy–days…new years pow wow and beautiful time with moms and siblings and other relations…van camping.  Favorite.
Max and I did the boy band thang and that was mind blowing and educational, definitely.

Came home to Pele moonlight – Kalakaua park and little piece of leather to put intentions into…made my vows with la luna and koda bear and the King’s statue and ancient banyan tree as witnesses…the massive collision course with righteousness and bravery of a new era has lifted me off my usual foundation and set me upon one very different – empowered, saddened, and excited. 

Rallied the heart of it all, got on some Raven wings and blew it up at the Akebono Theater in downtown Pahoa.  Refreshing.  Impressed.  Joyful.  Mahalo to all of you who came to support and be a part of the new year and moon sharing of our ever growing tribe here. 

Took a massive hike to Kona and spent four intensive days with Kona Pacific Waldorf kids – grades 5th-7th.  Now, hold the banana phone:  I have been so moved and charged from this experience…there is certainly no going back.
I was a little nervous going into the classroom.  Last tour we established some relationships and credibility with the kids – but, this time it was so easy and so much more like family…the bonds we created were deep and so special. 
We broke down each day into a theme and had medicine songs to back up the themes.
Cultivating wisdom and seeing that the next leaders are so well informed….it filled me up so deep.  “MEDICINE is for the people…you can take it.  It’s not a pill.”  ummm yes please 🙂

Show day came last Friday and I learned a lot about wrangling keikis and keeping them calm and focused.  The show went so smooth – the kids really honored and respected language and culture and eachother through the music – I think all the parents were really proud – as were we.  Glad to help them kick start the ampitheater with this project…look out for a full lenght article coming soon in the Keaola magizine thanks to Jessica Kirkwood. 
As if we didn’t just work our asses off, we all headed straight for Waipio…to W.O.H Ranch where are ohana were celebrating birthdays and where I usally love to retreat to – the horses and the people and the land–one of my favorite spots on island. 
Sunday we paddled dawn patrol mish Waipio – caught the wind early but paddled hard all morning.  Missioned and saddled 10 horses and Maili took us on the old trails and then let us rip across the beach and back a few times on the ponies.   Soooooo fun!  The trail just up from the beach offered some stimulation with trees to dodge and logs to jump over.  The horses were stoked to rage through the trails and I was stoked to get ninja on the big beasts.  Heart filled and over flowing. 

Came back to Hilo Monday for a Frenchy sesh at the Kava bar. 
Getting prepped for our show at the
East Hawaii Cultural Center on Saturday, January 28th.
Tix available:  Bayfront Kava Bar / EHCC Box Office
Get ’em while they last!  This beautiful historic Theater seats less then 200 so it’s gonna pack out fast!

I’m triple stoked for Saturday.  They have a baby grand there….at the Aloha Theater in Kona last weekend I barely got to jam the piano there…not enough time.  So this show Saturday is going to open primarily with a whole set on the beautiful baby grand.  Then Dustin will offer – and then Hope and I. 

Medicine for the Piano…:)

We’re getting close the end of our time here on island.
We still have my birthday bash on:
Friday, February 3rd at Uncle Roberts Awa Bar in Kalapana.
It’s going to be so hot!  And I’m going to be so old!
Special appearance by New Reb, Dustin Thomas, and others!

Stay tuned!

See you on Saturday!

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East Hawaii Cultural Center – Saturday, January 28th – Special Show


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Waldorf Wizardz.


My life is rapidly changing each day we work with the kids at Kona Pacific Waldorf School!

Values, movement, gratitude.  So inspiring.

I’m getting the best hugs and my hair braided. 

So filling to have their attention and respect when we talk about honoring language and culture…I think we’re all getting it.  It’s deep.  It’s valuable.  It’s magic.

5th-7th grade Waldorf Wizzardzzz.. 

We’re dreaming big together.

Don’t miss this show!  tickets on sale right now!   January 20th!  Doors at 6pm.


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i want to know my higher self

a deep relationship with nobody else.

greetings to you all in this new year.

2011 was HUGE…for me.

New eyes, clarity and ironies in long standing relationships, new ways of looking at the world, Wookiefoot, Matisyahu, Winona Laduke, van adventures across country with Koda, quiet alone space, lots of healing, new wounds to be kept up with, new mistakes to learn from, Dustin Thomas!, pappa finally moved on into the other spirit world, amazing winter tour of big island, and the struggle of the internal king wanting to be free of responsibility and learning how to own up to the role…letting the music carry me through my 11-12 turnover…it’s been a beautiful year…struggles in being honest with myself – what do you want? – and in so being dishonest with other people. What will it take to align and become who I know I can be? A lot of patience, in depth peering at self, prayer, REAL prayer, learning how much to actually give of myself to my community, reserving more of myself for myself, becoming wise in how I communicate and what I commit to with men and especially with women. I certainly am no example. I have seen that I am trying my best and that is all I have. I do not seak to be anything for anyone – only the purest reflection of who I aim to be. My path is shadowed by all kinds of variables and too many obstructions to count. Many of these are rooted in the past, grown into the present, and exploding into the future. I can see clearly now. All that showed me how to love, what it is to be in love, and give love has disappeared and I know now I am the only one who can make the change to reestablish this understanding in my life.
I can hear the wind blow wild as I walk thru Tryon trails on new years day. Sun peaking through big cedars, smiling at me, maybe snearing a little bit with patience and compassion. Over to Mt. Tabor for sunset walk in crisp new years evening with pink and blues dazzling my watery eyes…sad hearts for new years awakening and big chest is deflating and filling with new hope and calmness. Sadness certainly falters my steps when I consider my fear of being alone, perhaps in general, perhaps specifically without a lover – or a particular lover – and fearful of knowing my higher self. THAT’S THE ONE. I feel that. I am only as connected as I’ve wanted to be. Certainly, not as connected as I COULD be. And that is a life long lesson.
Kind of a mess how I handled it all. Better the lessons the harder you fall.
I can only do so much.
I can be a good example.
I can be a good friend.
I can be alone.
I can be silent.
I can be anyone I want to be.
I can. I will. I did.

I never imagined being in the music would bring me such a complicated job.
It’s a lot of responsibility being your own boss. You actually have to be responsible. 🙂
Fell behind a little these last few weeks, being home with my moms and my siblings.
What with the new year Big Island tour coming up with Dustin Thomas and Hope – set to go thru February – there’s a lot of promotion work to do to keep all of you up with.

Here’s a breakdown of what we have going for you/us:
Dark as the Night – Bringing the Light:
Nahkohe, Hope, Dustin Thomas

January 13th The Historic Akebono Theater – Pahoa – 7pm
January 14th  The Hilo Town Tavern – Hilo – 7pm
January 19th  Kanaka Kava – prelimz show in Kona 7pm
January 20th  The Historic Aloha Theatre w/Kona Pacific Waldorf (read more below)  KONA – 7PM
January 28th  East Hawaii Cultural Center  – Hilo – 7pm
February 3rd – Nahko’s Birthday Bash! @ Uncle’s Awa Bar in Kalapana 7pm
February 12th – HIPA – Kapa’au (more info soon)
February 18th – The Honoka’a People’s Theater w/Leche de Tigre
February 24th – The Hilo Town Tavern w/(Portland’s) The Sea at Last

Medicine for the People

Dark as the Night /  Bringing the Light

Dustin Thomas
Friday the 13th of January 2012 kicks of a celebration tour of Big Island theaters for Hilo’s Nahkohe and Hope of Medicine for the People and the mesmerizing new sounds to the aina of Dustin Thomas. 
Depicting the struggles and beauties of path and purpose thru their music – these acoustic story-tellers are set to deliver a powerful, personal, and persuasively moving evening.

The illuminated pinnacle of this tour will be a benefit concert to support the essential work of Medicine for the People and to support the developement of a performing arts amphitheater at Kona Pacific Public Charter School.
January 20th at the Aloha Theater is where the common vision of Medicine and Kona Pacific come together – for an evening of positive being and action.
The children of KPW are an integral part of this show as they will be singing and dancing along with Nahkohe, Hope, and Dustin.
“Intergrating moral and life lessons thru the music, we are able to create beautiful relationships with these children while giving them the opportunity to dance and sing about simple truths that will stick with them throughout life.  I’m excited to work with them again and in the week before the performance get to really create bonds and fruitful collaborations with the future leaders of the world!” says Nahko of Medicine for the People.
He adds, “This will be an amazing way for me to start the new year…many hard lessons last year.  Putting things into perspective and realignment.  I am honored to work with Hope and Dustin again – as well as the staff, parents, and students of Kona Pacific.  It calls forth an empowering foundation within myself and the Big Island community – music heals in so many ways.  Let the music carry you.  It’s all I can hear these days.  Let it be so.”

Other shows set to explode on this tour are at the East Hawaii Cultural Center in Hilo on January 28th.  Last spring this was a sold out show – gathering mixed culture and age – beautiful to see this music create vibration in a community of seperate and very different ideals and interests. 
February 3rd is Nahkohe’s birthday and will be the close to the Dark as the Night – Bringing the Light tour – held at Uncle’s Awa Bar in Kalapana.  Prepare for fire and movement!   (aloha theater tickets available online) (east hawaii cultural tickets available)


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and so it IS.

a briefcase keeps things brief.
thanks pops.

aye aye aye.
well, we did it. almost.
friday, saturday, sunday.
monday wraps up the 2011 i mua winter tour.

by far, this tour has been the most inspiring and powerful – for me, personally.
2011 has brought such huge transitions and learnings.
this time last year? i was falling apart.
and i didn’t even know it.
it’s wild when you think you’re pono with your creator and with your higher self and then spirit takes you for a ride of your life – throwing you into the caverns of all you fear, all your imperfections and insecurities get put on the table and you kinda cry a little bit and feel sorry for yourself for a hot second and then the eagles or hawks or coyotes or thunder or the wind on your neck or ghosts start showing up and telling you that you don’t know everything and you need to get right with your shadows etc. etc. etc.
expecting your role or your medicine or your path and purpose can be difficult sometimes.
especially, when you recognize that it is always changing.
hamakua nurtured my relationships and land stewardship thru january – april.
come may, i was getting new eyes and seeing the world in a new way.
irony set in like a good coffee porter.
pele reached out from the cascadian coast line with her mighty oceanic hand and soaked me thru my not so water-proof but really fly leather jacket made in japan.
we cried a little in the ’76 che aha that day watching the sunset and layin’ out with the back doors open to the ocean.
we are the tides.
let go of the timing.
so you get in your van with a bunch of other crazies and you drive east.
join forces with the wookiefoot tribe.
get your mind blown.
pick up a kayak.
keep driving east.
wow. upstate new york. wild.
go back west to find wookies.
find matisyahu. we swim post blunt and salmon on crackers. tasty.
play for more people then we ever have at one time.
thanks wookies.
madeline island.
winona laduke. personal hero. thank you for letting me sail you around on lake superiour.
i was drinking and sailing. it was amazing.
there are some wild people that hang out in a burned down bar.
we’ve landed somewhere near the moon.
people took their clothes off while we played ‘no stress’. ‘off with your clothes back to the dirt”
only on madeline island, i guess.
p.s. they need help with the imu next time.
up to white earth reservation: winona, thanks for the wild rice, corn, and coffee.
p.s.s that coffee is f’ing dangerous. i wrote like 4 songs on it. on it.
back to portland.
drove the whole three days with the muffler unattatced and hanging from the engine block.
i wore earplugs.
i did not know the muffler and fallen off ’till i got to pdx.
shout out to the rowland family.
our ohana at pine ridge.
olowan reminded me to listen to and honor the thunder beings.
all of a sudden, that’s all i think about when the wind comes in strong.
october in portland is beautiful.
reconnection with family and crew.
heart is heavy. lots of changes. lots of responsibility. missing deep connection.
dad heads to higher heights two days before i hit island.
i am grieving, but relieved he is healing now.

ok ok ok.
i’m sitting here post 4 shows, having played at church this morning in keaau – beautiful gathering and lovely people – very unique gathering – cold and small surf sesh with dustin – missed the dinner at maxine’s and now my head is feeling a little better from getting smacked so hard the other day in the water by the torpedo surf board…

surfrider benefit went really well.
beautiful set up. we all let loose a little. there’s a sweet video up that dom did. thanks brother.
saturday was the market in hilo and the hawaiin sanctuary in the evening.
both unique and fulfilling to just be in the music all day with friends.

hope, dustin, and i are gearing up for january tour of big island.
an opportunity to share music that gets no or less play during full medicine band shows.
two brown boys and a goddess. can’t be bad.
theater tour/trying out new venues.
looking forward to living out of the truck here pretty soon.
the 19th takes me back to my mamas.
now that both pappas are gone – it’s time to support my mamaz in transistion.
if anybody wants us to do a house party around christmas – gather and share – max and i are into it.
i’d also be down to borrow someones small ride if can. drivingi the van around with a broken window is going to be cold and loud and expensive.
all can be done.
over the next few months you’ll be seeing a big shift in our online appearance.
the website needs a lot of work.
the way we communicate and share our info and our movement will be changing.
all more accessible.
i’m excited.

be well all you warrior people.
thank you for supporting us and following us.
it means a lot.

congratulations jeanna and sebastion! they’re getting married!

a hui ho.
see you in da wata maybe?

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