Aquarius Rising.

I remember thinking last year would never end.
I remember thinking i wouldn’t see past it, too.
Some crazy story about how I would die at 27 like the rest.
Stupid, right?  Wanting the martyred story.  

Last year I was at a pow wow in Portland for NYE.
Not the whole night.  I was driving to Worth’s house in SW when the clock walked over.
Playing piano with old friends with a fire into the new year.
Slept in the old van and woke hung over and sad.
Took a long walk in Tryon park that morning.
Had a bit of a tear come that morning.
Was three weeks home for the first time in years for the holidays.
First since pops had passed in October and mama was sad.
I was distraught over the finale of a four year relationship with Bailey.
So, mom and I could be sad together for our losses.
It was then I finished Black as the Night – a song that will forever hold in my heart as being another transitional point in my life where I realized I had taken for granted something so good to me and had gone and done it wrong.  
And yet, it was all perfect and meant to be.  Because then I met Nia.  
And isn’t it funny when you learn the hardest lessons and you think things couldn’t get more humiliating or harder – then the elements arrive and spirit kicks you in the teeth and you awake from the nightmare only to realize reality is just the same and you better get your boots on because it’s either ride hard or die trying this year, baby. 
i took all those vows under pele moonlight upon arrival to pele aina january 7th.
i remember standing in kalakaua park still tripping on L that i took on the flight over and holding that little piece of leather i was gonna tie on my wrist post taking vows to the full moon about how i would change this year and never be the same and crying and tripping and throwing the disc for koda and then bailey and her new man drove by and did a double take of me alone in the park with koda with my fist to the moonlight hahahaha i must have looked so funny.  i laughed i remember at how ironic that moment was.

and then everything changed.
just like i heard it would.
and this year has been about clarity and fearlessness.

flash forward to now.
back in ubud, bali.
found a little villa house for chase and i tonight.
last three days in uluwatu.
the franti show at waterbom was interesting.
we played really well with bali sit-ins pato on bass and krishna on drums.
big moon.  big smiles.
feeling so calm.
heart sick for my lil panther cat in hawaii.  
the koda bear of my life.
the songs of change.
the new economy coming.

we are on the rocket ship.
everything that has happened to me thus far in my life has been so organic.
that will never change.  the rawness.  the honesty.  the truth.

and now.
the stories are coming.
from summer adventures.
fall struggles to understand.
winter’s heart opening to falling in love with purpose.
new year is now for to carry the water and offer fresh air.
this year is about carrying the torch and executing the mission.
dosing the masses and healing my internal struggle.
finding perfect peace among chaos
letting go of the weight of the world.
instead bearing witness to the healing.
i didn’t think i would fall in love in 2012.
love is patient.  love is kind. 

here’s to finding the magic in the mystery.

oso besos.


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7 Responses to Aquarius Rising.

  1. Liz Allred says:

    You are so amazing, your words move my heart. I am touched by your truth and resonate with your Being. Thank you Nahko. ❤

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Jennifer Umolac says:

    Nahko ~

    I recently became acquainted with you and Medicine for the People, and as seems to be the norm…your impact has been strong! I celebrate your honesty and struggles, as do so many others. I cherish your intensity and beauty, as do so many others. I honor the teachings that come through you. It has been a healing to become connected to you and your music.

    And I’m glad that martydom thing didn’t pan out. There’s too much work to be done!

    Spirit is guiding me to share this with you…
    I urge you to challenge any boxes you may still put yourself in, in particular in regards to relationships. Your life is a journey to deep love. It informs your work and guides your muse. It is possible to create relationships of great integrity, respect, growth and love, without making commitments to monogamy. By committing only to being in the ever-loving present, you will give your soul sacred room to breath. There are many frameworks that love moves in. Choose one that works best for your life, and for the great love you carry.

    Go forth, and bear witness to the healing…

    Sending much love on a snowy Minneapolis night. So glad that this place of sacred souls and sights has your imprint upon it!

    Peace. Damai. Shalom.

  3. Uhmm ..Marshall? says:

    Can I listen to it as well, cause it reads like a song and I hear the music, it’s the medicine for the people, I can use it…..
    Its Medicine for the heart thats broken, hopin, holding, open
    I been copin, still not dopin
    but I gotta hook up with the medicine now
    To relieve, what I believe is breaking me down

    and so on….

    Your still my favorite and I should be yours I was here waiting to listen for so long (25 years till the next town is a long ride)…… TY
    I see you all surrounded by Light . At Peace with yourselves and all, a continuing blessing on Nahko and MFTP who have the POWER to touch and heal so many. Your words and Music Echoing in the to the timeless forever, not returning void but rather multiplying infinitely ,vibrations by which all things are sustained LOVE YOU LARGE… LYL

  4. mark says:

    Aho .the Bear has Awoken.May We All Bear Witness To All of Our Relations.Mahalo Ke Akua Ola Mau!

  5. Bernice says:

    Here you are…. wow. I wondered if you would make it… if I would make it. Bless Bless Bless brother… you are needed… so f’in needed ❤

  6. brianne rochelle says:

    brother bear ❤ i am happy for u! i am proud of u! keep being u and continue yur growth meantally, spiritually and physically 🙂 u are amazing, i have mad love and respect for u.. blessings!! peace, love and light ~ brianne and ivory

  7. Bernice says:

    Ok Nahko… you want to feel through that gorgeous wide open heart to a whole new level? Do an Idle No More event. If this gets to be my fantasy you come do it here in Canada where it all began. In Nelson British Columbia with the Sinixt people who have close ties with the Stalatilimix and Salish. The Sinixt were told they were an instinct people and they have put themselves back on a map which does not include borders. If your heart is called I can help. There are people here, amazing open hearted light beings who could help and who are doing the work. Or Anywhere, do one anywhere… just do one… and do it soon!! This movement needs you, this movement IS you. This movement began in earnest on the 21st, this IS the shift and your voice can bring it attention like the call of an Angel, an archangel who is ready to raise the shining sword of light and say we will be Idle No More! And since I mentioned my fantasy… if you come can we do a live Dance Church on Sunday? A whole lot of people prayin to Spirit with their bodies, listeningand dancin and singing along. My family and I would be honoured to host you…. we have a beautiful little 1 year old baby girl to temp you with. She is delicious and a balm for the heart. Whatever you do just keep shining that light and when you forget how bright you are look into the eyes of another and see your reflection sweet brother…. the red path is evident in those beautiful eyes.

    Pacha Mama… gracias para todos… Meegwetch
    Love Bernice

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