a wrinkle in time.

i just shift myself.  

i don’t think i actually considered where i would be
or what i would be doing
at that exact moment
the sun cast it’s longest shadow upon the northern hemisphere.  

if you’re into movies or anthems or epilogues or next level stories
you’re probably going to want to watch my movie.

from where i’m standing, this wrinkle in time is priceless.  

the ride will not be any less demanding or satisfying from this moment on.

i reflected recently on my past, primarily around the time i was 17,
just leaving community college.
high on ritalin crying on the public transit listening to boxcar racer.
remnants of jesus blocking identity and feeling of fulfillment.
how did i get here?
years of piano playing to keep me in the music.
all i ever did, really.
my shitty love songs about girls i thought liked me.
teaching myself to play guitar.
losing myself in wine.
moving to alaska.
finding myself in the woods.
how did i go from months of cocaine in Louisiana 
not playing a lick of music with a gun in my hand
to the steps of the white house with 350.org
singing my little songs about war and injustice.  

and each day becomes a sparkling adventure.

i keep reminding myself not to get lost in the never never.
it’s a place of delicate mystery.

i felt inspired to write tonight, it being the beginning of solstice. 
the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

welcome to the show, folks.

hasta la vista.


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