i see god in the darkest things
in the quiet of night i hear villages sing
“there’s a demon in that dragon purge it out.”

in my second third world on a motorbike
i learned a waking prayer so i could sleep at night
then i took my chances and realized many dreams.

wild dogs tumbling along rice fields
and i asked hanuman take away shield
i am loud and reckless this is how i play
you are loud and reckless thats no way to play

i fear nothing, no thing fears me
justice has different hats for different days

release my anger, love thy neighbor
put that pain to some good use anyway

teach me honor, must remember
don’t be selfish with all your love anyway

tilt my head back howl like you said
in the end my body’s spirit anyway

i will do things i’ve never done before
cuz i’m powerful and i’m not afraid no more

i feel god in the slightest wind
at the rate i manifest every dream deepens
and i know i never want to stay the same

on a day of silence while the island slept
i cast my demons out at the feet of ganesh
said, “remove the obsticles bravely with grace.”

in a past life i cut throats and scalps
and in this life i mend the wounds i dealt
maybe by my hands or by my words alone.


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