Remove the Obsticales.

I saw an elephant in the sky.
Pushed a mudra to my third eye.
Laughed until I cried.
Tap heart and forehead to get a recharge.
Purge with my village.
Shake to confuse the spirit.
Dance to unwind.
Scream to release.

And now, I’ll never be the same.
Speeding down chaos streets.
Explosive canons barrelling smoke burning demon figures in rice fields.
Plaster – fabric – plastic smoke fills lungs and mush stomach.
Wild packs of dog things with gamalong children stacked between bamboo gridlock charging spirit of all we fear down exstatic dark streets.

I am transformer sweating puddles crying in massive stacked crowd of villagers.
Cheering.  Laughing.  Smiling.
I am transformer marching into meditation waterfall tears fill parade streets covered in flowers and inscence.
I am young bull rude boy marching away in black boots to empty lot and volleball net to purge my demons out.
Initiate the devil within.
Skulls of my ancestors twinkle in waning clouds and I hear:
“There’s a demon in that dragon burn it out.”
Ah hahahaha.  Ulp.  Here it comes.
Before me.  Below me.
All that I had felt twisting and kicking within me.
Cleansing my indifference and impatience
and visions of beautifully executed massacre.

Nyepi 2012.
What did you wear?  Did you design it?
One of dem dea hippie circle thang hedrone thingy dreadamajigga.
It’s in my new summer line.
mmmmm sacred.

The new year is here.
The dark spirits have passed over the island and seen us meditating.
Shut down the airports, park all the cars and bikes, shut down all the business.
Stay inside with your thoughts and your pen and paper.
Stay in with your mentors – coyotes, dragons, lizards, bears, wolves, rabbits, and winged ones.


And you will never be the same.
I will take my chances and realize many dreams.

Bali is exponential.
All things go.  All things build.  Unending colliding with future unfoldings.
Played our first show last week.
A cyclone/tornado touched down in the middle of our offering!
We’ve all been exploding with tears and joyful noises.
The connections and little omens each day are too many to count.
We are well on our way to an international audience.
Spirit festival is coming this week.
Moving swiftly through March already and into April before you know it.
I will miss the cultural wizardry, motorcycles, brown people, jungles, and ceremony.
But, by May I will be very ready to return to Hilo.

I want to take this moment to thank you, HAWAII.
You have made it possible for all things to move so swiftly.
Our dedicated family on the Big Island has moved me 100 times over.
Don’t ever forget that!
Unending gratitude.
What an adventure it has been in the last 5 years in Hilo!
And, we will not forget to come back, always, and continue to be with our family there and share our gifts and receive the love.
Make it mooooove.
Missing you all out here.

Lots of shifts going on with Medicine.
Some of you may have noticed the name change to:
Nahko and Medicine for the People.
To be clear:  this helps in a huge way for our bands clarity.
Many fans and bookers have been confused in the past about who they’re getting to see for certain shows in different parts of the world.
Is it Max, Hope, Jeanna, Tim, Don, Aliina, and Nahko?
Or a common derivative that comes along with Nahko’s usual moving around?
Our old model of building was the survival model.
It is a wise move for us now to make big changes to support the needs of the members in the band.
What can you afford?
Numbers and money and these things have long been the last on our to do list.
Although, now that we’re moving into a new space of business and the rise of our movement is being seen more – there are ways to less complicate our previous financial model and name and make it easier for everyone to get what they need and are looking for.
Some will follow and understand.  Others will see it in another way.
Consider Franti and Spearhead’s model.
It’s been tough breaking this one in since we’re all new at it and it DOES have to do with money and people’s feelings – but I think over time you’ll see Medicine members flow in and out based on when they feel like they can get what they need for shows – to make a living and not lose money on the venture.
You can count on me to always try my best to get the immediate Medicine members to our shows when finances make it possible.
You will see new members come – new sounds arrive – but, the orginal Medicine crew will always be first draft picks.
They are the ones that have help build and create the real magic.  And we will continue to do it together as often as spirit allows.


Check out our new web page!

This summer you can find us at:
Project Earth – June 21st Minnesota
LoveFest – June 28th Omaha, NE
GratefulFest – July 4th Ohio
Homeskillet – July 13th – Sitka, AK

Come late July – PORTLAND can expect a homecoming show with
Dustin Thomas, Worth, and maybe the Shook Twins!

Come August I will begin working on the new album.   Finally.   In Portland!

More to come.
Stay tuned!

Love you all.
Thanks for reading.
It helps to write to my people!


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