Aquarious Moon

coyote says:  don’t cut a rope you can untie.
elders say:  you’re in warrior stage.  you’re supposed to be pissed. 
mom says: baby, keep your dick in your pants. 
spirit says:  you are no master.  you know nothing.

i could feel 2012 was gonna be amazing. 

Oh Oh Oh Aquarious Moon…you have proven nothing less then ground breaking. 
Oh Oh Oh my dear community…you have proven nothing less then motivating…inspiring. 

“Dark as the Night – Bringing the Light”…..
It was a sweet idea at first.  A truth that we all felt embodied our combined purposes. 
We fulfilled its meaning day to day – via showing up and shining bright. 
Remembering it only possible thanks to all of our Ohana that showed up continually—show after show.
We grew closer with a new crew of Medicine tribe. 
Dustin Thomas grew to almost household name. 
‘Pinkie’s’ – to our close friends – became known as the ‘Medicine’ house…clamoring into history and in conjunction with our evolutionary revolution trajectory – colliding with righteousness and faceplanting deep aqua blue. 
Each day was:  todos los negros to mamos cafe = sharkie’s coffee, surf = honolii and the mill, music, promotions = facefuck, adventure, music, tumeric, ginger, juicer, beer, music, sunset surf, more promotions, banyan tree, push-ups, girl talk, spliff, kurk-music lullabys, art nights, whiskey nights, pass out stories, more music, more tumeric and ginger, dawn patrol anything…

Hilo taught me a lot this year. 
I gave less.  Took more of my time.
Lost a lot.  Gained a lot. 
Pele has been ruthless. 
And yet, so forgiving to her son.

Oh, the Pink House.  Across from 7/11 on Wainuenue.  Just below Rainbow falls.
Just below the giant banyon tree.  The one that has taught us all many different lessons.
Our long term residents …. Mr. Chris, Chase Makai, Frenchy, Lucas, Dustin, Hope, and special guests Sleepy, River and Rain, etc. etc. etc….shaping our Hilo wave riding. 

Oh, Hilo.  You’re yellow light and wet smell now that it has finally realized it’s winter…thank you. 
You have calmed my persistence and beckoned yet another serious transition – powered by music and fueled by ambition. 
We are not fucking around.

Jojo came for a few weeks.
The try-on-a-sore-us-thang-a-ma-jig-channeling-coyote-dread-guy.
My 26th birthday was beyond incredible.
25 was so intense.  More change then I thought I was even ready for.
But, that’s the best….when you think you’re not ready and you’re given a whole fucking plate…eat it all.  Or nothing at all.
Uncle Roberts opened his door to our crew and extended family. 
We celebrated Aquarious like we only knew how. 
Cake to face.  Feet to Aina.  Dance off. 
I believe in the good things coming.
Honored when 500 people showed up to get down with me on my day of birth.

Jojo got us all to journey to our first rainbow gathering.
I was skeptical. 
I’ve been on a trip about color and class.
I have a unique placement here on earth.
Raised priviledged white boy. 
 Born into an  oppressed indigenous community
– systematic deconstuction…y’know..what we call racism. 
Jojo helps me see the need for compassion. 
The lost kids are so lost and sick.
The revolution is very much in need of compassion.
And I have had very little of it.
Part of my Medicine has been holding onto the bitterness.
The anger.  The hatred.  The racism.  The hostility. 
I hide it underneath all the joy, love, light, and postivity. 
I know in my heart the latter is what I ultimately want to reflect.
But, lately knowing the truth and owning my Dark is something I cannot suppress any longer.
In fact, it’s something I revel in now.
Something I find humor and comfort in talking about.
The parts of life I am owning are parts that night everyone is comfortable talking about or listening to. 
And that’s ok.  I will.  I don’t mind if you don’t listen to it.
This is a story I have to tell.
Another interesting thing I learned over the Rainbow two day LSD journey:
I have to let these songs go. 
They are not mine.
I have been, as of late, very selfish with my toungue.
‘These are MY songs…not yours….MY story..”
In some senses, yes this is true. 
But, spirit has used me as its channel. 
I have to release the stories and songs to be YOURS.
That’s when I will find peace.

We headed north afta rainbow gadda-ingz.
To our beloved HIP Agggg.
Camped 15 deep in Pololu over the weekend.
Easy balance of masculine and feminine. 
Surf was wild.  Hikes were gigantic.  Laughs were ridiculous.
Cows were weird looking.  Valley held ancient army tanks rusted into the shore. 
Fire was huge.  Hearts were aflame.  Downloads were effortless.
We were nurtured that night. 
All things wrapped in red Indian blankets and in warmth of jungle love. 

Ginger.  Tumeric.  Ginger.  Tumeric.  Ginger.  Tumeric.

On to Kona.  Waldorf wizardry.
Played a benefit for da kine SKOOL at the beach resort.
Relationships deepen.  Skool becomes even more of a heart of us. 
Avocado festival.  Humidity at Outrigger.
Watch one young woman in tears thru “Risk It”…
I talk to her with my eyes and say…”Yeah…it’s gonna be ok..and so amazing.”
Head north east to Honoka’a in a rainstorm.
The People’s theater and Leche de Tigre greet us with beers and warmth. 
Hamakua winds blow and Alicia Keys plays in my head. 
Little black truck chugs into park.  Little black dog pants into bliss.
Little brown boy and girl arrive for nothing less then perfect timing. 
Theater packs out with new and old ohana. 
Blast off means one of the best shows in awhile on island…great collaborations. 
Pauilo camp.  Thunder beings present and SO loud I could not sleep.
Here’s the rain we usually have.  Here’s the winter swell we’ve been waiting for.

Lono brings meditation. 
Lono brings solace.
Lono brings new moon.

Small tasks.   Wrapping up Hilo ties and loose ends.
Bali calling.  Spiritual journey unlike any other I have taken.
Pink house bittersweet days.  Koda bittersweet days.
Medicine posse bittersweet. 
It’s like we all went thru a very important time and are now moving on…
It will never be the same…like usual.
Check in with your elders before departure.  
Words for path and phase.

This weekend: 
Friday, 24th of Feb:  w/Sea at Last
Hilo Town Tavern  $5

Saturday, 25th of Feb:  w/ Sea at Last, Dustin Thomas, Blue Star Octave, SaraTone
Akebono Theater in Pahoa

Monday, 27th of Feb:  w/Dustin and SaraTone
Bayfront Kava – Benefit for Dominik’s Parents – they are both sick with ratlung! 
Prayers and donations please!


I know…our shit has definitely not been very accessible via our old site..
We’re about to become easier to follow.
This year looks pretty amazing already.
You can follow us on this blog thru Bali. 
Video, picture, audio, and blog entries will keep you all in the loop of our movement.
As spring approaches, be on the look out for Hawaii shows in May and June.
End of June is Portland, so watch out for a homecoming show PDX OHANA.
Then summer solstice will be in Minnesota again with our MidWest fam at Project Earth
Hosted by Wookiefoot….we’ll be there with Dustin Thomas!
Back to Portland for Oregon Country Fair in July…
Hope and I will charge up north to Sitka, Alaska for Homeskillet Music Fest July 13th and 14th!
Then it’s straight NW or August. 
My dream this year is to record two albums:  A medicine album that’s revolutionary and hard-hitting…then a Nahko album that’s all the old stories….
Then drive to South America. 

It all can be done.

Love you all. 
Dream Big.


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