“Medicine” 2012 Big Island Tour – HALF WAY THERE!


Gotta say. 

I’m a little blown away at 2012 already.
I went to Portland for the holy–days…new years pow wow and beautiful time with moms and siblings and other relations…van camping.  Favorite.
Max and I did the boy band thang and that was mind blowing and educational, definitely.

Came home to Pele moonlight – Kalakaua park and little piece of leather to put intentions into…made my vows with la luna and koda bear and the King’s statue and ancient banyan tree as witnesses…the massive collision course with righteousness and bravery of a new era has lifted me off my usual foundation and set me upon one very different – empowered, saddened, and excited. 

Rallied the heart of it all, got on some Raven wings and blew it up at the Akebono Theater in downtown Pahoa.  Refreshing.  Impressed.  Joyful.  Mahalo to all of you who came to support and be a part of the new year and moon sharing of our ever growing tribe here. 

Took a massive hike to Kona and spent four intensive days with Kona Pacific Waldorf kids – grades 5th-7th.  Now, hold the banana phone:  I have been so moved and charged from this experience…there is certainly no going back.
I was a little nervous going into the classroom.  Last tour we established some relationships and credibility with the kids – but, this time it was so easy and so much more like family…the bonds we created were deep and so special. 
We broke down each day into a theme and had medicine songs to back up the themes.
Cultivating wisdom and seeing that the next leaders are so well informed….it filled me up so deep.  “MEDICINE is for the people…you can take it.  It’s not a pill.”  ummm yes please 🙂

Show day came last Friday and I learned a lot about wrangling keikis and keeping them calm and focused.  The show went so smooth – the kids really honored and respected language and culture and eachother through the music – I think all the parents were really proud – as were we.  Glad to help them kick start the ampitheater with this project…look out for a full lenght article coming soon in the Keaola magizine thanks to Jessica Kirkwood. 
As if we didn’t just work our asses off, we all headed straight for Waipio…to W.O.H Ranch where are ohana were celebrating birthdays and where I usally love to retreat to – the horses and the people and the land–one of my favorite spots on island. 
Sunday we paddled dawn patrol mish Waipio – caught the wind early but paddled hard all morning.  Missioned and saddled 10 horses and Maili took us on the old trails and then let us rip across the beach and back a few times on the ponies.   Soooooo fun!  The trail just up from the beach offered some stimulation with trees to dodge and logs to jump over.  The horses were stoked to rage through the trails and I was stoked to get ninja on the big beasts.  Heart filled and over flowing. 

Came back to Hilo Monday for a Frenchy sesh at the Kava bar. 
Getting prepped for our show at the
East Hawaii Cultural Center on Saturday, January 28th.
Tix available:  Bayfront Kava Bar / EHCC Box Office
Get ’em while they last!  This beautiful historic Theater seats less then 200 so it’s gonna pack out fast!

I’m triple stoked for Saturday.  They have a baby grand there….at the Aloha Theater in Kona last weekend I barely got to jam the piano there…not enough time.  So this show Saturday is going to open primarily with a whole set on the beautiful baby grand.  Then Dustin will offer – and then Hope and I. 

Medicine for the Piano…:)

We’re getting close the end of our time here on island.
We still have my birthday bash on:
Friday, February 3rd at Uncle Roberts Awa Bar in Kalapana.
It’s going to be so hot!  And I’m going to be so old!
Special appearance by New Reb, Dustin Thomas, and others!

Stay tuned!

See you on Saturday!

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