i want to know my higher self

a deep relationship with nobody else.

greetings to you all in this new year.

2011 was HUGE…for me.

New eyes, clarity and ironies in long standing relationships, new ways of looking at the world, Wookiefoot, Matisyahu, Winona Laduke, van adventures across country with Koda, quiet alone space, lots of healing, new wounds to be kept up with, new mistakes to learn from, Dustin Thomas!, pappa finally moved on into the other spirit world, amazing winter tour of big island, and the struggle of the internal king wanting to be free of responsibility and learning how to own up to the role…letting the music carry me through my 11-12 turnover…it’s been a beautiful year…struggles in being honest with myself – what do you want? – and in so being dishonest with other people. What will it take to align and become who I know I can be? A lot of patience, in depth peering at self, prayer, REAL prayer, learning how much to actually give of myself to my community, reserving more of myself for myself, becoming wise in how I communicate and what I commit to with men and especially with women. I certainly am no example. I have seen that I am trying my best and that is all I have. I do not seak to be anything for anyone – only the purest reflection of who I aim to be. My path is shadowed by all kinds of variables and too many obstructions to count. Many of these are rooted in the past, grown into the present, and exploding into the future. I can see clearly now. All that showed me how to love, what it is to be in love, and give love has disappeared and I know now I am the only one who can make the change to reestablish this understanding in my life.
I can hear the wind blow wild as I walk thru Tryon trails on new years day. Sun peaking through big cedars, smiling at me, maybe snearing a little bit with patience and compassion. Over to Mt. Tabor for sunset walk in crisp new years evening with pink and blues dazzling my watery eyes…sad hearts for new years awakening and big chest is deflating and filling with new hope and calmness. Sadness certainly falters my steps when I consider my fear of being alone, perhaps in general, perhaps specifically without a lover – or a particular lover – and fearful of knowing my higher self. THAT’S THE ONE. I feel that. I am only as connected as I’ve wanted to be. Certainly, not as connected as I COULD be. And that is a life long lesson.
Kind of a mess how I handled it all. Better the lessons the harder you fall.
I can only do so much.
I can be a good example.
I can be a good friend.
I can be alone.
I can be silent.
I can be anyone I want to be.
I can. I will. I did.

I never imagined being in the music would bring me such a complicated job.
It’s a lot of responsibility being your own boss. You actually have to be responsible. ūüôā
Fell behind a little these last few weeks, being home with my moms and my siblings.
What with the new year Big Island tour coming up with Dustin Thomas and Hope – set to go thru February – there’s a lot of promotion work to do to keep all of you up with.

Here’s a breakdown of what we have going for you/us:
Dark as the Night – Bringing the Light:
Nahkohe, Hope, Dustin Thomas

January 13th The Historic Akebono Theater – Pahoa – 7pm
January 14th  The Hilo Town Tavern РHilo Р7pm
January 19th  Kanaka Kava Рprelimz show in Kona 7pm
January 20th  The Historic Aloha Theatre w/Kona Pacific Waldorf (read more below)  KONA Р7PM
January 28th  East Hawaii Cultural Center  РHilo Р7pm
February 3rd – Nahko’s Birthday Bash! @ Uncle’s Awa Bar in Kalapana 7pm
February 12th – HIPA – Kapa’au (more info soon)
February 18th –¬†The Honoka’a People’s Theater w/Leche de Tigre
February¬†24th –¬†The Hilo Town Tavern w/(Portland’s) The Sea at Last¬† www.seaatlast.com

Medicine for the People

Dark as the Night /  Bringing the Light

Dustin Thomas
Friday the 13th of January 2012 kicks of a celebration tour of Big Island theaters for Hilo’s Nahkohe and Hope of Medicine for the People and the mesmerizing new sounds to the aina of Dustin Thomas.¬†
Depicting the struggles and beauties of path and purpose thru their music – these acoustic story-tellers are set to deliver a powerful, personal, and persuasively moving evening.

The illuminated pinnacle of this tour will be a benefit concert to support the essential work of Medicine for the People and to support the developement of a performing arts amphitheater at Kona Pacific Public Charter School.
January 20th at the Aloha Theater is where the common vision of Medicine and Kona Pacific come together – for an evening of positive being and action.
The children of KPW are an integral part of this show as they will be singing and dancing along with Nahkohe, Hope, and Dustin.
“Intergrating moral and life lessons thru the music, we are able to create beautiful relationships with these children while giving them the opportunity to dance and sing about simple truths that will stick with them throughout life.¬† I’m excited to work with them again and in the week before the performance get to really create bonds and fruitful collaborations with the future leaders of the world!” says Nahko of Medicine for the People.
He adds, “This will be an amazing way for me to start the new year…many hard lessons last year.¬† Putting things into perspective and realignment.¬† I am honored to work with Hope and Dustin again – as well as the staff, parents, and students of Kona Pacific.¬† It calls forth an empowering foundation within myself and the Big Island community – music heals in so many ways.¬† Let the music carry you.¬† It’s all I can hear these days.¬† Let it be so.”

Other shows set to explode on this tour are at the East Hawaii Cultural Center in Hilo on January 28th.  Last spring this was a sold out show Рgathering mixed culture and age Рbeautiful to see this music create vibration in a community of seperate and very different ideals and interests. 
February 3rd is Nahkohe’s birthday and will be the close to the Dark as the Night – Bringing the Light tour – held at Uncle’s Awa Bar in Kalapana.¬† Prepare for fire and movement!

www.apachawaii.org   (aloha theater tickets available online)
www.ehcc.org (east hawaii cultural tickets available)



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