and so it IS.

a briefcase keeps things brief.
thanks pops.

aye aye aye.
well, we did it. almost.
friday, saturday, sunday.
monday wraps up the 2011 i mua winter tour.

by far, this tour has been the most inspiring and powerful – for me, personally.
2011 has brought such huge transitions and learnings.
this time last year? i was falling apart.
and i didn’t even know it.
it’s wild when you think you’re pono with your creator and with your higher self and then spirit takes you for a ride of your life – throwing you into the caverns of all you fear, all your imperfections and insecurities get put on the table and you kinda cry a little bit and feel sorry for yourself for a hot second and then the eagles or hawks or coyotes or thunder or the wind on your neck or ghosts start showing up and telling you that you don’t know everything and you need to get right with your shadows etc. etc. etc.
expecting your role or your medicine or your path and purpose can be difficult sometimes.
especially, when you recognize that it is always changing.
hamakua nurtured my relationships and land stewardship thru january – april.
come may, i was getting new eyes and seeing the world in a new way.
irony set in like a good coffee porter.
pele reached out from the cascadian coast line with her mighty oceanic hand and soaked me thru my not so water-proof but really fly leather jacket made in japan.
we cried a little in the ’76 che aha that day watching the sunset and layin’ out with the back doors open to the ocean.
we are the tides.
let go of the timing.
so you get in your van with a bunch of other crazies and you drive east.
join forces with the wookiefoot tribe.
get your mind blown.
pick up a kayak.
keep driving east.
wow. upstate new york. wild.
go back west to find wookies.
find matisyahu. we swim post blunt and salmon on crackers. tasty.
play for more people then we ever have at one time.
thanks wookies.
madeline island.
winona laduke. personal hero. thank you for letting me sail you around on lake superiour.
i was drinking and sailing. it was amazing.
there are some wild people that hang out in a burned down bar.
we’ve landed somewhere near the moon.
people took their clothes off while we played ‘no stress’. ‘off with your clothes back to the dirt”
only on madeline island, i guess.
p.s. they need help with the imu next time.
up to white earth reservation: winona, thanks for the wild rice, corn, and coffee.
p.s.s that coffee is f’ing dangerous. i wrote like 4 songs on it. on it.
back to portland.
drove the whole three days with the muffler unattatced and hanging from the engine block.
i wore earplugs.
i did not know the muffler and fallen off ’till i got to pdx.
shout out to the rowland family.
our ohana at pine ridge.
olowan reminded me to listen to and honor the thunder beings.
all of a sudden, that’s all i think about when the wind comes in strong.
october in portland is beautiful.
reconnection with family and crew.
heart is heavy. lots of changes. lots of responsibility. missing deep connection.
dad heads to higher heights two days before i hit island.
i am grieving, but relieved he is healing now.

ok ok ok.
i’m sitting here post 4 shows, having played at church this morning in keaau – beautiful gathering and lovely people – very unique gathering – cold and small surf sesh with dustin – missed the dinner at maxine’s and now my head is feeling a little better from getting smacked so hard the other day in the water by the torpedo surf board…

surfrider benefit went really well.
beautiful set up. we all let loose a little. there’s a sweet video up that dom did. thanks brother.
saturday was the market in hilo and the hawaiin sanctuary in the evening.
both unique and fulfilling to just be in the music all day with friends.

hope, dustin, and i are gearing up for january tour of big island.
an opportunity to share music that gets no or less play during full medicine band shows.
two brown boys and a goddess. can’t be bad.
theater tour/trying out new venues.
looking forward to living out of the truck here pretty soon.
the 19th takes me back to my mamas.
now that both pappas are gone – it’s time to support my mamaz in transistion.
if anybody wants us to do a house party around christmas – gather and share – max and i are into it.
i’d also be down to borrow someones small ride if can. drivingi the van around with a broken window is going to be cold and loud and expensive.
all can be done.
over the next few months you’ll be seeing a big shift in our online appearance.
the website needs a lot of work.
the way we communicate and share our info and our movement will be changing.
all more accessible.
i’m excited.

be well all you warrior people.
thank you for supporting us and following us.
it means a lot.

congratulations jeanna and sebastion! they’re getting married!

a hui ho.
see you in da wata maybe?

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