nahko – checkin’ in wit my babies.


aloha babiez.
here’s the update.

got schooled by Mauna Kea two nights ago.
just when you think you’re straight, pono, and clear…the mountain tells you other wise.
big smiles.
rallied our medicine crew and pinky’s crew (our new hilo pad) and raged up to the visitor’s center at 9,000 ft.  — piled into Chase’s black as night truck and half walked half drove to 14,000.
bloody sunset, never ending beauty, telescopes and all…
then the planets began to sneak out from the dark blue sky. 
we waged peace with instruments and a big snuggle in the back of the truck…Dustin had no shoes on, Ydine stuffed chocolate in our tummies, Frenchy was thinking deep thoughts, Hope was beat boxing, Max was rapping, Bailey was singing, and we all were laughing and crying at the same time.  Whoa. 
Time to go down the hill…half way down the truck had some major issues…uh oh.  Something is terribly wrong with it.  We all get out.  Time to walk.  Everyone jumps in two other vehicles heading down.  I end up walking.  Good thing.  Lots of thinking to do.  Mountain told me a lot that night.  Ho’oponopono.  Time to straighten up and fly right.  Lots of responsibility.  I remember now.  To balance out what is important to me.  And what keeps me wild.  Keep reaching out.  Keep the door open.  Don’t let go.  But, let go. 
Thought a lot about the struggles.  Letting go of this internet world, the business of this music, the building of this work, the sacrifices we all make to help our communities, to be the change and still have fun.  Remember what is real.  REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. 
Easy to get caught up in the politics of your personal work. 
Let it be. Let it be best of both worlds.

In other news:
Our I MUA tour has been the best tour for me yet.  All of us.  Finally learned how to let go of a lot of the responsibility and make it light.  Still boss in so many ways, but so beautiful to see everyone become leaders and take charge.  We’ve had so much help along the way this time – it’s been simps.  Our crew is epic this time around, again.  The girls – Bailey, Kahele, Ydine – have been singing their hearts out – holding us in the goddess energy and keeping us boys in line.  Infinite Radio – Frenchy, Chase, and Frank too – keep us in the stars and in our truths.  Dustin has us all wrapped around his little negro finger.  And the kids can’t get out of his hair.  Or the single moms.  Drew and his fam kept us conscious and connected while he was here.  Jojo kept us all in line as our elder kinda and also making us laugh about how roots we still are. 
We bring the party, big time. 

Uncle Roberts last friday was by far my favorite show besides 11.11.11.
The new stage is amazing!  Our Ohana there, Ikaika and Uncle’s whole family and crew – so righteous. 
I definitely will be spending more time down there once I’m mobile again mid-December. 
It feels good to see what we’ve built in the last three years here on island. 
A community that keeps building.
I am touched and lifted to see that what I believe in and write about and sing about – is felt so strongly by so many people.  To see that I am not alone in where I stand spiritually, politically, and personally…grows my soul closer to each human. 
I am constantly – as of late – remembering that a huge part of my mission is to “bridge the gap” (our mission) – between two or three or four worlds living here on island and in general around the world. 
I think we’re beginning to see that gap close in a little this tour.  More local people, people of color, people of different class position, hawaiins, filipinos, asians, more brown people are showing up, i give thanks because i see the struggle with a lot of them when they see our crowds or crew and don’t feel the ‘love hippies’ vibe and get turned off…this is the gap we’re bridging.  Let’s just keep reaching out to all our people – recognize and forgive and rejoice because we don’t have to live like we used to. 

Damn.  Goodbye November.  We have 5 shows this first weekend in December.
Check below for all the details.  In the last post. 
Friday will be very special with dancers and Ocean Medicine talks, etc. 
Dustin and I begin at 7pm with solo sets half hour each.  Then Medicine begins round 8pm.
One date to remember is December 11th at the Hilo Tavern with Dustin and some of us from Medicine.
So, I bought a ticket back to Portland December 19th – January 9th. 
Mom will be lonely this Christmas since dad passed a few days before I came out here in October. 
Need to be with her and the rest of my family.  Max and I are booked at the GoodFoot Lounge on January 7th with Moorea and the Ruby Pines.  Stoked. 
Was thinking about doing the Lotus Seed Yoga Studio again.  I’d like to get feedback from Portland crew as to where they’d like to see us play this December and early January.
Anybody want us to do a house party around Christmas?  Hit me up! 
I’m also looking to borrow a small car while I’m in Portland.  My van is going to be a pain to drive around in the cold winter with no front window and it’s heavy on gas….definitely won’t be sleeping in it this time around — cold as hell in there.  So if anybody wants to be my driver or let me borrow a small car from time to time in PDX i would be uber grateful for the mobility.  Would love to play for my community in portland more – so far we have the one gig and probably the lotus seed – so some help would be great to gather the peeps. 

JANUARY:   Sons of Pele Tour with Dustin Thomas and Nahkohe
That’s right.  Dustin and I are doing an island wide tour together. 
Story tellers in brown skin.  Get ready to dance and cry and other stuff. 
Little black truck.  Little brown boys.  oogle. 

March is Bali! 


Love you all.  Stay tuned. 
We’re revamping our web prescence again in a few weeks.
New updates to the website and to our reverbnation site. 
New vids, lyrics page, maybe tabs, vid page, EPK Packages, we going to be lah-git. 

two love. 

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  1. natalie taggart says:

    Beautifull expressions, Nahko. Thanks for sharing your truths. Loving all you amazing people.

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