now is not the time, folks.

(joke…) ( later is all you have)


ho, thanks to all the ohana that came to CORNSTALK CONVERGENCE 2011 here in Minnesota – making it an intimate, peaceful evening of music and food.  hooooonk! (thanks brentley).

We’re dreaming up the next phase of our life tour – heading to Connecticut tomorrow – having a musical bash at Ydine Sandberg’s house in the woods of Somers, CT on August 6th!  If you’d like to learn more about that – shoot me an email –
The Che-AHA (our van) is running steady and Koda is in the van, too – so off we go.
Minnesota filled us and created the next phase of dreaming:  Shangri La w/Matisuyahu, Trevor Hall, Chris Berry, Wookiefoot in September 8-11 – Winona LaDuke’s birthday party up on Madeline Island September 25th – Halloween on Oahu – 11.11.11 at the Palace Theater in Hilo – and the newest news is BALI in March of 2012 for Bali Spirit Festival! (

All this and more – continual spiraling into infinity. 

SO – stay tuned for NAHKO’s CD official release of his solo album – GO MAKAI – getting it pressed in the next month – should be ready by Shangri La at Harmony Park in September.  Bailey and Nahko recorded an album together recently as well called – GO MAUKA – so stay tuned for that to be available via I-tunes and thru our website.  will be up and running soon, too!  Max Ribner’s new album is set to release this winter (goes the rumor) and it is amazing, I’ve heard some of the tracks – so stay tuned for that, too.  Hawaii tour this October/November could be Max Ribner and the Peace Pod w/Medicine for the People. 

YES – Nahko has been invited to perform for Winona LaDuke’s birthday party on Madeline Island up on Lake Superior – September 25th – if you are not familiar with LaDuke’s work check out :   So grateful and honored to be a part of her ohana. 

For all you EAST COASTerz – Nahko will be in upstate NY for most of August – TBA at the Mohawk rez with some ohana – August 20th at Nathan’s Garden Farm
3033 Dugway Rd. New Woodstock, NY 13122
RSVP 315-662-3547

gratitude to all of you who make our movement MOVE.

i think we’ll start traveling soon.

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