HERE and NOW – July-October


I can safely say that Project Earth w/Wookiefoot and Ohana officially blew my mind. 
The aloha was beyond exceptional – the land is so ancient – old, old oaks and so much life on the water and off.  A magical oasis – gathered tribe – sharing and caring for eachother – completely remarkable weather – we got rained out the first day…massive thunder and lightning – the ancestors were all present – our set friday night was blessed with clear skies and mama luna arrived just in time – our audience graced us in the mud puddles and listened closely as we dosed them with our voices and truths.  Mahalos to our midwest tribe!  We are so grateful for the experience and opportunity to share! 
We got back to Cornstalk headquarters on Monday and I slept all afternoon and into the evening.  The bugs were biting so hard the night before and I think I slept in the outdoor sauna…this midwest weather is mind blowing!
Currently, we are preparing for a massive gathering here at the Cornstalk headquarters in Dunnell, MN – where for the past 4 years now Medicine as gathered and created high vibes and given thanks to the most high – in the middle of corn fields.  All aina is sacred.
Check out our facebook – for date,time, location of our event this Friday, July 22nd.  No Medicine band will be present – just our eclectic tribe of Medicine kids. – I shouldn’t say JUST rather the best tribe around – our leaders..
Giving thanks to those of our tribe that our consistent and always ready to be a part of the magic that is NOW. 

The next best thing is the east coast of North America.
I, personally, (oh, and p.s. this is NAHKO – I am usually the one that keeps up with this blog!) will be in NY and CT for most of August.  CT will be August 6th at Ydine’s house – a gathering of music and grinds – so if you know of any Ohana that would like to join us for that – 12 Mountain Rd. Somers, CT 06071  August 6th 1pm   – Benke Stock w/Nahko and Ydine

There’s word of a sharing at the MOHAWK reservation in NY sometime in August – the timing is not confirmed yet.  Also, the event on August 20th somewhere in upstate NY – (i blasted out the info last blog) is still getting confirmed with time and place.  Stay tuned.

This whole east coast trip is a solo mission for me to prepare and ready myself emotionally, spiritually, and always phyiscally for what is coming in September for Shangri La – 8th-11th – with Matisyahu, Trevor Hall, Chris Berry, and Wookiefoot.  Wookie is giving medicine a huge lift off with this gig… the line up for us is we close saturday night after Matisyahu and before Wookiefoot.  It’s going to be amazing.  Don’t miss it!

If you haven’t already – check out Dominik’s video work – he’s been working on our documentary and also filmed our one and only music video –
This kid is amazing.

THIS TOO:  BIG ISLAND OHANA:  11.11.11 The Palace w/Medicine for the People!
We are visualizing our dreams and booking the Palace Theater in Hilo, HI for 11.11.11
Possible guest speakers – Mililani Trask (of the Hawaiian Force) Jim Shannon, more TBA.

Medicine is coming to Oahu for Hallowbaloo October 29th is our set.  7.30-8.30  – word on the street is that Max and Hope will be in the set! 
Hallowbaloo – 2010 Website:

So, we figured we might as well do a BIG I tour post Halloween!
11.11.11 Palace Theater – Medicine!  Oh yeah baby!  Damn homie!

PLEASE – if you would like to come join us for the Hallowbaloo – use GO! flights interisland – they sponsor the event – don’t use ALOHA AIR!!  Mahalos!


that’s it for now ….
stay tuned.


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