is it now?

Aloha Ohana!

Nahko here – checking in from a little Minnesota town.
Just arrived in the epic ’76 Chevy – warmly named the ‘Che Aha’ ( for reasons to long to explain) – last night July 9th.  We left Portlandia June 2nd – Our crew consisted of Ydine Sandburg, Kaahele Hyde, Corey French, Brian Ashman, Kat Shaw, and a few others – we linked up with the Idaho mountains off the 12 and enjoyed inter-dependance day in the woods next to the Louscha River – with the bull moose and hot springs.  Headed to Missoula and got super blessed up by Ohana at the Top Hat Lounge – blasted ’em with new medicine tunes – our solo acoustic style is the works with all these story tellers in our tribe.
Visited Natalie in Wyoming and rode ponies into the mountains = played for the kids at the camp in the evening – good to share with our future leaders.
Went straight to South Dakota to visit our ohana on the reservation – Pine Ridge.  Said our prayers at the graves of Wounded Knee – drove all day and night to get to the Cornstalk grounds here and now.
The White Light protected us all the way and now we are here in the beautiful midwest preparing for PROJECT EARTH this weekend!  July 15th-17th!
We are so grateful and excited for this opportunity to bring our medicine music to this tribe.  It’s been a long time coming.

After Project EARTH is CORNSTALK Convergence 2011!!! July 22nd!!
This year’s gathering is less formal and we’re inviting everyone to come share their music at Cornwoman’s family farm in Dunnell, MN – only a few hours from the Wookiefoot gathering – the following weekend!  If you music you would like to share with our ohana, gear, instruments, equipment, food, water, love, etc. plz bring ’em all!  This is a free event with camping available – please respect and honor the Scott family for opening up the space to gather and create!
For more info please email Nahko –  nahkobear@gmail. com

Our crew is heading to the east coast after c-stalk and p-earth for some serious cruise time.  But, we’ll be back in the action September 8th w/Matisyahu/Trevor Hall/Chris Berry/ and our fearless leaders – WOOKIEFOOT!

I’m working on releasing my solo album called “Go Makai” and also an album I recorded with Bailey Scott called “Go Mauka”  – stay tuned for these downloads!  It will be available soon via I-tunes and on my new website – something like ‘’  🙂



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