Cornstalk Convergence 2011 – July 22nd!!


Post Wookie Foot July 15th – Medicine for the People is proud to announce that Cornstalk Convergence 2011 is JULY 22ND!!!!  Mark your calendars!
Set in beautiful (and actually quiet soothing to my soul) Dunnell, Minnesota!!
This year is a little different – bring your own gear!  Food, chairs, tents, instruments, offerings, songs, love, games, toys, horses, etc.
This is a free event – please be conscious of family grounds and respect the space and land!  We are not a drunken rager festival!
Okay, we rage, but not intoxicated kine.

Let’s thank the Scott family for once again bringing us to their sanctuary – gathering the tribes for music and offerings!  So grateful!
For me, personally, Cornstalk has raised me in my musical quest and brought so much truth and beauty into my path.  Corn Woman is a light and an example for all of us!  Her ohana is leading the way in a struggling community of monoculture and western thinking.  We give thanks for this opportunity once again to come together and pray with the community and music.

AS FAR AS LINE UP is concerned – we will have a sound system and a rough line up will be formed – but, this is a free for all sharing extravaganza – so many talented friends and ohana will come – all to share.  Bring your own gear as we might need it – mics, mic stands, even sound system equipment can come in handy.  This is roots people!

CAMPING:  Come as early as Friday, clear the grounds as late as monday morning.  Let’s respect the family and enjoy the weekend!  Camping is possible all around the grove.  Fire pits, etc.  No fireworks and/or copious amounts of illegal anything.  😦  Please have your ninja skills about you during the weekend and don’t get hurt or sue us.  Thanks!  ONE LOVE!

ask nahko:
or bailey:

Cornstalk Convergence 2011 JULY 22ND! Dunnell, MN.
Cornstalk Convergence 2011 is a music and community empowerment event held in Dunnell, MN on the Cornwoman’s family farm –

In its 6th year, Cornwoman has given the crew from Medicine for the People – the reigns – and we’re expecting magic, at the least.
We are a free event!
Donations of all kinds are gratefully accepted!
From breakthrough music, national acts, community murals, off the land meals, acrobats, Corn Games, local and national artisans, campfire sessions – you can’t really go wrong for the Great Plains.

Saturday, July 22nd in Dunnell, MN.
Come join us for another empowering weekend.

Nahko and Medicine for the People

Mitakuye Oyasin

“Real Talk Music”

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6 Responses to Cornstalk Convergence 2011 – July 22nd!!

  1. Hello family! I’m so honored to be part of such a righteous and responsible community of raging rebels, destroying the empire to usher in the galactic federation of light! BZZzzzzzzT! haha. may the force be with you. Also, I feel so called to attend this gathering, but I haven’t found a vehicle to propel me and my dear friend down to this welcoming home of truth, abundance, and change. Lets be the change. Calling out to all family in Minneapolis! Help 2 warriors of light celebrate the harvest with all beings involved! God loves you. Blessings~
    *Will – (612) 226-8130

  2. Hello. It’s me again. Nakho. Listen now. I am the brother, your brother, my brothers and all the family of this multiverse. I tell no lies, because I am the master of them. Trust your heart forever brother because I know the dream we are flying, into and out of… Be with me now as I manifest my ride with my soul sister*mother*lover**friend to this glorious convergence of our soul family. The wolf pack of truth. Light.

  3. Kelli Feather says:

    ONE NOTE…I think Sat is the 23rd?!?!?

  4. wow. what a ride. i’m back in my body meow. feels good to be human. wheew! hope the festival was exactly what it was supposed to be, which always happens anyway… awesome. thank you friends, I love you all so much!

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